JD Analog

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The Youtube Demos

Check out as many JD Screamer and JD Distortion True Vintage tone tests as you can, as the pedals were tested and developed with many different guitars and amps to create "that tone"!  The pedals have the tone you are after. Wonderful natural old school vintage tone that finally you will not be disapointed with. The tones are amazing in person, from bright through to dark, from sustaining to grinding to pure smooth sweetness -  simply right!

Please be aware that the Alloy knobs within many of the youtube demos are now discontinued as of June 2015!  

Now we use the new white knobs as seen in the photo album and all other pedal pictures!  

                       A Quick Tone Test of another JD Screamer True Vintage Pedal Bound for the USA October 2015 using a tweed                                   amp and Ibanez Joe Satriani Guitar that switches between singles coils and humbuckers

Another quick tone test of The JD Screamer True Vintage OverDrive into a Mesa Boogie TriAxis Preamp and 2x12 Speaker, also using the Ibanez JS2410MCO guitar that has single coils and humbuckers switchable. 

The Perfect Boost Pedal for Marshall JCM800 or any other amp / no muddiness, no mess, no stuffing with your tone, just purity of the highest order. 

A tone test directly below using The JD Screamer True Vintage Component Built Overdrive Pedal / Distortion Version with a vintage 5103 Thomas orgen Wah Pedal. 

The Thomas organ wah or any good quality wah pedal sounds best when using it "before" The JD Screamer True Vintage Overdrive Pedal.  I have used the Thomas Organ wah pedals for many years and during the entire design process of The Genuine Vintage Component Built JD Screamer Pedals, I incorporated much time and effort with dedicated cap placement and cap type choices into the overdrive pedal to work best with other vintage component pedals and wah pedals. Thus, The JD Screamer and thomas organ wahs and other high quality wah pedals sound like they came out of the same factory together as a kit.  The tone in person is simply breath taking.

This first demo is simply a quick tone test for another Dual True Vintage JD Screamer and JD Distortion Pedal that is going to Canada that same day. The amp is set to dead clean without any gain and a little reverb and delay. I switch between the distortion and screamer on the fly and a little auto wah at the end. Enjoy!

Below is a quick tone test of some Sweet very Open / Organic Clean Tone from the pedal into a Peavey Valveking Amp. Very happy customer!

Directly below here is the makers tribute to Jim Marshall and Jimi Hendrix on the day of Jim Marshall's passing. I made this jam up on the spot, I've never played it before. I am using a John Mayer signature strat into the 1966 Jimi Hendrix Full stack. The amp is only set to around 2 on the volumes, both channels running, yet all the drive and tone is coming from the fully cranked JD Screamer True Vintage Overdrive Pedal. I also use 1970 thomas organ wah, an octaver, and reverb and delay aswell. IM not a player, im a builder, but enjoy anyhow. All recorded using an iPhone 5s and a small microphone with a vintage camera app. pretty Cool! :-)