JD Analog

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The youtube demo videos are under construction this month as we produce new videos with high quality recording gear etc. So there is only a couple of youtube demos remaining at present.   Stay tuned! 

Check out as many JD Screamer and JD Distortion True Vintage tone tests as you can, as the pedals were tested and developed with many different guitars and amps to create "that tone"!  The pedals have the tone you are after. Wonderful natural old school vintage tone that finally you will not be disapointed with. The tones are amazing in person, from bright through to dark, from sustaining to grinding to pure smooth sweetness -  simply right!

Please be aware that the Alloy knobs within many of the youtube demos are now discontinued as of June 2015!  

Now we use the new white knobs as seen in the photo album and all other pedal pictures!  

                                                                 THE JD DISTORTION TRUE VINTAGE PEDAL

                                                                 JD SCREAMER INTO DIRTY CHANNEL OF AMP

                                                                THE JD SCREAMER INTO CLEAN AMP CHANNEL