JD Analog

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All customer feed-backs below were taken from eBay sales feed-backs, and youtube video demo sales and comments.  Most youtube video demos are temporary offline at present while we revamp the youtube demos and upgrade our recording hardware for new tone demos since the tone of the gods pedal has finally been released.  Keep an eye out for the new demos coming online shortly.   

Sales Feedbacks!

YouTube Comments!

Top 5 Reasons You Need the JD Screamer

1) This thing is built like a brick shit house. Indestructible.

2) It doesn't fuck with the natural tone of my amp. It enhances it. Seriously, why would I buy a $4000 boutique amp FOR ITS TONE and then add on an OD pedal that messes with it? I wouldn't. I bought the JD Screamer. Nuff said.

3) Two channels (maybe I should have put this one second, eh?). What I like to do is set the OD on one channel to something creamy crunchy and then torque the gain on the second channel. That way, when it's time for a solo, you step on the button for the second channel and "Boom!" - there it is.

4) Some guys and gals like single coil, some like humbuckers. I say to them: WAKE  UP! You need both fer chrissake. With other ODs I've had to have one for my Strats/Teles and another for my Les Pauls/335s/SGs. With the JD Screamer, I only need ONE OD pedal for all my guitars. The JD loves 'em all.

5) Wanna play blues? Done. Wanna rock out with yer cock out? Unzip and get to it. Are you a pop tart? String it up high and strum away with your goofy grin. It's all good, baby. The JD don't judge.

Firstly most prompt postage ever! Secondly, Wow love the jd screamer! The tone is amazing and so versatile from subtle overdrive to heavy. And it looks Soo unassuming to hehe they just don't see it coming. Totally stoaked with it. Thanks Jason

Such an amazing dynamic pedal! Full of sustain and awesome vintage drive! The deep/open switch adds so much more room for tone expanding and that tone shift just knocks it up the top... Heck, I even like the sound more than the ibanez tube screamer, it has so much more clarity and voice! Looks mean too but damn that LED is bright! This is an essential pedal for any player it is so versatile, it's a must have pedal that needs to get out there! If you don't have this you are missing out! This is by far the best drive and tone I have had!

Auckland New Zealand

I just bought this pedal from Jason personally. I have owned Ibanez TS9's with all the popular mods, and I've owned TS-808's. The JD Screamer BLOWS THE OTHERS OUT OF THE WATER!!! The construction is leagues ahead of mass produced crap on the market. This this is built like a freaking tank! The tone makes me drool. The cool thing is that you can dial in any tone you want. The control you have is second to none. And on top of all that, his customer service is unreal. THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

I’ve got your pedal pretty dialed in for my quiver.
I just ran it through the paces with my Les Paul. Incredible.
This just kills with the humbuckers on both the LP and the 335.
Basically I have three tonal choices. Pre. Post. And Pre and Post together.
Just fucking sings like a bird.
Also it is very compatible with the other ODs you see on my board in attached photo. It’s last in the overdrive chain, but before the EP booster. Kick in the MXR Badass Distortion with it and it just really cleans up that pedal and you have endless sustain and harmonic overtones. It also likes the Klon Clone coupled with the pre channel. And for a more sterile, Santana type overdrive, the Pre with the BB Preamp.
I’m less on the Strat these days. So I haven’t spent very much time with it there, but it sounds great there as well.
Very happy customer. Worth the $450 all day long. And such a vintage, analogue, non digital sound.
And what’s so totally amazing is I get these incredible tones at apartment volumes.
I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when I plug in on a gig in a big room.

From California. 

The JD Booster: Just bought this pedal and it kicks ass, has some serious volume capabilities and still stays true to your overall amp sound, I highly recommend adding this pedal to your rig!

AMAZING plexi tone with these pedals.

very nice , sounds like a monster!!!

wow cool


very very cool!!!!

Great playing and tone man!

nice tonal range and product plus your a good player to boot

Hey great demo! One of the guys at my school had one of the prototype pedals and it sounds amazing! I'll tell him about this new pedal.

great job Jason! congrats. very impressive demo - i especially enjoyed its history, and of course your jamming in the background. i wish you all the best, and much success my friend.

This pedal sounds fantastic mate: )

Sickness mate. Sounds awesome.

Sounds great!! Love the video effects!!

Awesome dude ! ~I was around AJ's channel , have not been there for a while and was checking stuff out and came across you ! ~ You are one cool bro ! .. Nice set up + .. I dig your sound !

yeah this is a solid demonstration ..

nice playing , u have a great sound

Simply awsome!!!! The dream coming true...

This was like a high maintenance woman....I fell in love with it as soon as you turned it on. I started googling only to find she was out of my price range but being a typical male or guitarist began thinking of what I could do (or sell) to make her mine! Amazing sound man...very impressed.

Man that is some serious tone!!! Cool playin too!!

this pedal ,sounds explosive ,your playing is very good ,and that loop is just awesome ..

nice sound bro.

awesome ! You built the pedal ? Oo

you got it brother, and i hope to upload a vid on here soon! after all, you helped me put together what is turning out to be a serious sounding rig my friend.

very cooool man! sweeeeeet tone and nice riffin my friend. thanks for all your advice brotha

mkV amps are awesome but I literally brought one of these pedals yesterday and run it through my very average Marshall Mg 250 dfx and it has honestly transformed my amp, So i can personally vouch for its awesomeness thanks again Jason, couldnt be happier, Id recommend to anyone to get one of these.

Great sound, great playing!!!

Great tone – good to see some homegrown effects!

Jason, I have been playin guitar for 40 years and had lots of pedals, yet your screamer rules them all!  In near future I will try to send video of our band "3ton soul" with The JD Screamer in action. From Detroit

Edit: Follow up after purchasing a second pedal - this time, the Dual Channel Limited edition version. 

It's Andy from 3 ton soul, it's been a few months but I wanted you to know how much I love the new pedal. Mike freaked me out getting it for me. The best pedal I've ever used, and I'm also going keep the older single channel version aswell! Thanks so much, the blue channel is killer and I mean that in the best way possible. Incredible!   Ac

Hello Jason,

I hope you're well.

I wanted to test your JD Screamer enough before I give you my impression on this weapon. My friend, I'm impressed by your work! Yes, I'm impressed enough, that I have sold all my pedals so to keep the JD Screamer alone between my guitar and my amp. Let me give you some explanations: Before, I used a setup with many stomp boxes : 1969 Vox V846, 1998 Fulltone FD-2, 1981 Ibanez TS-808, 1968 Univox Shin-Ei Univibe, 2010 Van Amps Sole Mate and a T-Rex alimentation. Good cables between them. All these PEDALS are awesome and/or legendary!!! My tone was good, but no more. With all these pedals, I was never able to have good settings on the amp cause of all these filters. Furthermore, I was subject to the coloration of each of these pedals. When I bought your pedal, I wasn't happy with my setup, and as I had explained you, I experimented with only a guitar/amp combination, but sadly, it missed a little overdrive and a thick boost for my Stratocasters, ok shall we go on to the business: The JD Screamer... 

This pedal impressed me on two principal things:

First, it's not a stomp box with its own voice. It's like a new channel on my amp. When I use it on my Vibroverb, your pedal sounds Vibroverb. When I use it with my Marshall, your pedal sounds Marshall. Do you know what I mean?

Two, the EQ. My friend, I'm not a good user of EQ in general (amps, pedals, tone on guitar... etc ) I don't know why? But on the JD Screamer, the EQ gives me a huge difference!!! 

Three (I have said two but the three is also very important to me). With an appropriate setting, your pedal sings in solo like a Dumble! I have played on a Robben Ford record and the tone is very similar (sadly I don't play like him) :-( lol

Jason, I don't know your secret inside this pedal (maybe it's just magic!) but you have delivered an amazing pedal which can be used with the BEST guitars and amps of the planet.

I'm so impressed...

My settings:

Pre Channel : Pre Tone shift on bypass, Drive at 3, Tone at 4, Volume at 7.

Post Channel : Pre Ton shift ON at 6,5, Drive at 6, Tone at 7, Volume at 7.

The two channels are on the Deep switch.

My all my respect,

Sincerely yours

Jean from France

Hi Jason,

For the gig last Saturday I had the tone shift on ,on the post channel at about 5-6 .Drive at 6, Tone at 2 and the Volume at 7. The Amp is a 32 watt Fender Deluxe with 1/12 set at 5.

The pre channel I had the tone shift off. Drive at 3.5, tone at 4 and the volume at 7.5.

The pre channel I used for a good full blues rock sound. The  post gave me a ZZ top sound. Both together gives me a more saturated sound Santana Black magic women type of sound. At louder volume levels I think either one or the other on.

Worked fine and I really did not need to combine them. You want to push the power tubes in a natural way and with one channel set right when the amp is starting to go into its own tube overdrive at mid volume levels works really well. Still I have to experiment and the best place is at a Gig. The pedal is very natural sounding not edgy or artificial .Well rounded for both the Stratocaster and the Les Paul.

I am liking it a lot.

Cheers,  Stan.

Newport Beach, CA

Good transaction. Pedal is amazing. Worth every penny.

Fantastic video. Great playin man, and a really good sound!

Tastefully done. That is what a whole lot of players lack. Say less say more

but whatever you say (in your playing), know what you are talking about.

great sound it is really really good

Throw out the TS808. The JD Screamer is AMAZING! Jason is a TRUE artist!! WOW!

Great product, great trader, very impressive, highly recommended

I’ve had the JD Screamer for three months or so now and I’m absolutely loving it. Simon loves his too and he also got the JD Distortion, which is also fantastic.

Along with my Swart amp, I also have a Marshall Bluesbreaker. The Bluesbreaker with the JD Screamer Pedal and my Les Paul are absolutely devastating. Unreal.

I literally brought one of these pedals yesterday and run it through my very average Marshall Mg 250 dfx and it has honestly transformed my amp, So i can personally vouch for its awesomeness, thanks again, couldnt be happier

Excellent packaging, and communication- super fast delivery to UK from NZ.

Really amazing seller on eBay and fantastic pedal!!!! Thanks a million.

Awesome eBayer!!! Fast delivery to the States!!! Great pedal!!!

Great communication, fast ship and tracking from NZland, no issues, highly recommended!

Excellent trade very fast postage. Im 18 and was hesitant on buying a unknown brand overdrive pedal, but man was i impressed. I have played a gig with my band and at church in the past week and it sounds amazing. Whether I crank the drive for a fat rich sound to play some hendrix or winding back the drive and playing delay driven intros at church, it sounds fantastic and have been answering fellow guitar players questions about what this new pedal is on my pedal board.

Honest Trustworthy Trader, Absolutely outstanding pedal, Built like a bunker! One of the best sounding pedals ive ever encountered, Dont make me choose between my wife and this pedal because the JD Screamer will win!!! Worth every sent, Thanks so much

Nice guy, great trader. Came and delivered the JD Screamer to me personally and provided some good tips/info. Awesome product, does everything as described. Thanks a lot for the great trade.

The JD Screamer is an awesome very well made professional pedal which can be used as an overdrive, blues driver or even as a lead boost. Great trade and good guy to deal with.

Hi Jason, The JD Distortion. Another Great creation it sounds like!!!!!! You well know how much I love My Dual JD SCREAMER and this seems to be a great addition to your range of amazing tone Pedals.
If you are looking to get yourself one, PLEASE DO, YOU"LL LOVE IT. I promise