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JD Screamer and JD Distortion True Vintage Dual Channel Limited Edition NOS Pedal - Email us to PREORDER


Email us to find out when these will be in stock again

Dual Channel True Vintage very Limited Edition pedal that contains a single channel JD Screamer NOS Overdrive and the JD Distortion True Vintage Distortion Pedal in one enclosure. 

Check out the new JD DISTORTION TRUE VINTAGE PEDAL to hear the wonderful tones, randy rhoads and led zep tone in a box, and listen to the many JD Screamer True Vintage tone demos;  that is what you will get here in one dual channel pedal. Be in very quick before the NOS parts run out.

NOS 1950/60/70s Components

Dual Hard Wire True Bypass

Heavy Duty sockets, switches and enclosure

Bright Led's

Runs on 9volt negative centre adapter (same as boss style)

Adapter not included

The reviews and user feedback on the tone of this pedal is amazing, so be very confident with your purchase here, as you too will be so happy with the tone. :-)

There is now only a 7 day time frame from the time of payment until the pedal is sent out to you, and our very fast international courier freight system is extremely fast, so rest assured, you will have the pedal quick smart indeed. :-)

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