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The JD Screamer Dual Channel Limited Edition NOS Overdrive - Email us to PREORDER


Back in stock soon. Email us to find out when this pedal is in stock again, which wont be long anyhow. You can also preorder one, email us about that. 

Dual Channel Limited Edition true Vintage NOS Component Version

Very Limited run of these Dual channel versions

Two JD Screamer Pedals in series in the one enclosure with incredibly unique tone qualities - absolute bliss

NOS 1950/60s Components

Dual Hard Wire True Bypass

Heavy Duty sockets, switches and enclosure

Bright Led's

Runs on 9volt negative centre adapter (same as boss style)

Adapter not included


Be in quick or end up on waiting list. All others are used for international sales, so get one quick before my vintage components run out

The single channel pedal i have been building for years has many great feedbacks. Now that it is converted to the NOS vintage components, its something special for those who want the quirk and X factor of true vintage. Get yourself this dual channel limited run version, or get yourself the stock single Channel True Vintage NOS Overdrive version.

People search for a more than fantastic overdrive that doesn't negatively fool around with your tone, you have found one of those great overdrive pedals right here

Components you choose make all the difference. Cheap 10c resistors and run of the mill electronics shop caps don't usually give anything special to tone, even though they still work ok. Even special fancy named parts are not usually the best for overdrives or distortion pedals, yet they are used often with limited tonal results

The real mcoy vintage parts are very nice on the ears

JD SCREAMER TRUE VINTAGE pedals have genuine NOS 1950s/60s/70S internal components along with authentic top of the line Muse caps, early NOS diodes and other select modern circuitry

Now the pedal comes in the new smaller more pedal board friendly enclosure. The pedal has the exact same NOS and high end internal components as the larger older discontinued version, but now its simply perfect.

There is only a 2 day handling time now for each of these pedals after payment is made due of demand, yet it will be sent out no later than 48 hours now, and it will be sent out using our very fast international courier freight system so you will have it quickly.  

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